Beach Flying Disc

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Professional Flying Disc 9.8 Inch 145g Plastic Flying Discs Outdoor Play Toy Sport Disc for Juniors Water Sports Boys Kids Gift

Product Benefits

  •     Deleted Scenes and Alternate Ending
  •     All Saints music video "Pure Shores"
  •     Storyboard Gallery and TV spots

Product Features

    Diameter: 249mm; Weight: 145g.

    Sturdy lightweight plastic construction for outdoor use.

    Anti-skid surface and dome profile makes it easy to catch and throw.

    Note: Not for dogs.

    Material: PE Plastic

    Color: White / Orange / Yellow / Blue / Noctilucent (optional)

    Diameter: Approx. 249mm / 9.8in

    Weight: 145g / 5.1oz



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